Tips to Handle Broken Window and Ensuring Safety and Security

April 26, 2018 3:16 pm

Broken window panes are very natural in life and there can be tons of reasons behind such occurances. Let’s not get into the factors that lead to broken windows. Instead, let’s explore how such issues can be resolved. According to a renowned glazier in London, a broken window or broken window pane can left you in a tricky situation, specially during harsh weather.

You hardly have any better option than going for glazing replacement on a war footing. On the other hand, you have to take measures to prevent the outdoor elements from entering your home and property. As a responsible individual, it is your task to ensure everyone and everything within your property is safe and secure. Let’s find out how you can achieve that.

Fool proof safety and security for your home:

  • Get the surrounding area secured, so that no one can come near the broken pieces of glass.
  • Collect every pieces of the glass that your eyes can trace. Make excess effort with your eyes, so that no visible piece is accidentally left behind. Double-bag all those pieces before disposing them in the bin.
  • Sweep and vacuum the floor thoroughly.
  • If there are still tiny shards of the glass left behind, collect them using a sticky tape.
  • Now, slip on a pair of heavy-duty gloves and feel over the window surface. If you have cracked glass pieces, apply a little pressure to see if they completely shatter. If the cracked glass seems to be strong enough just wrap them up with packing tape.
  • Cover up the hole with a thick cardboard or plywood. In case, cardboard or plywood are not within your hand’s reach, use fresh, black binbags as their alternative.

Professionals providing 24 hour emergency glazier services in London say, this way you ensure safety and security of both people and the property, which were threatened by broken window.

Now, if you think everything is done and over, you’re thoroughly mistaken. There’s still some crucial work left before you can call it a day and loll on the sofa. The tasks that you performed above are just temporary, or better to say stop-gap solution. It’s time now to summon professional help to provide permanent solution to the problem. Ultimately, you need to replace the broken glass to ensure a durable solution.

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